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Twisted Acres Border Collies and Mudi



August 29, 2000 - August 28, 2015

In October 2000 my life was forever changed when my first border collie entered my life. Gonzo was my introduction into the wonderful challenging world of the border collie. I loved that boy and to this day I still miss the woo-woo he gave me every time I came home. Every visitor to the house was greeted with a ball or frisbee for them to throw. He was a wonderful ambassador for the breed.


That is not to say he was without his problems. At agility trials his nickname was psycho dog. It was a well-earned nickname. He was wild and at times out of control. Yet this was a dog who had earned his CGC and was certified as a therapy dog. Through trial and error I was able to teach him to be calm and he actually was no longer psycho dog. He went on to earn multiple agility titles.


I love the border collie for their intelligence and desire to work. I have done agility, flyball, obedience, dock diving, disc, herding and conformation with them. They are always a willing partner at any task I ask them to do. Currently they are my partners in herding and conformation.


In March of 2014 another herding breed-The Mudi-was added to my family. Raven is a true joy. The Mudi is not as driven to work as a border collie, but is very driven to be with their people. They are a very intuitive versatile dog. I also do herding and conformation with my Mudi.


That brings me to where I am now. My goal as a breeder of border collies and Mudi is to produce a dog true to the standard and hopefully better the breed. Sound in temperament with good structure. Both of these breeds are an all around dog that should be able to do it all. I love the variety in the breeds. They are a beautiful working dog that should be able to go from the herding field to the show ring with ease.


All dogs have been health tested before breeding. Puppies are born and raised in my home. They are provided the necessary stimulation and an enriched environment. Raising the puppies is truly a work of heart for me.


I have truly been blessed with the love of a border collie and a Mudi. I hope to be able to bless you too.

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