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Border Collie Testimonials

Amazing breeder! Very communicative and our dog is so well tempered

M.P. Chandler AZ

We have the best dog! Our Twisted Acres Border Collie is just such a joy! We are so blessed that we were able to welcome Bogey into our family. He’s simply one of the kindest and most caring dogs I have ever had, and he has the best temperament around kids. He’s really not a dog but a miniature person, with tons of personality. He even talks to us! We simply adore him! These are just really Great dogs. Rebecca is easy to work with and all of the dogs are raised on a relaxed, clean farm/ranch in Southern Arizona. The dogs actually all live with Rebecca and her family inside her home. Nothing hidden. No gimmicks, just a great down-to-earth family raising really nice award winning animals. I would highly recommend Twisted Acres, and Rebecca to anyone who is looking.

M.B.C. Grand Canyon AZ

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