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Health Testing

Here at Twisted Acres Ranch we strive to provide you with the best example of the breed that we possibly can. To that end we not only follow the breed clubs recommended health testing criteria, but usually exceed them. All of our dogs are listed on the OFA site with all of their tests being visible. We also list all the health results on each of our dogs on their page. In 2021 I made the decision to start OFA preliming the hips of my dogs. This is following the recommendation of the OFA and their studies into the benefits of prelims for breeders. Instead of putting a lot of work and money into a dog only to find out they have bad hips at two, I will prelim their hips to rule out possible dysplasia at a younger age. The OFA states on their website that if they prelim excellent or good that there is no need to redo them at two years of age. If they prelim fair they recommend to redo them at two. This of course means that they will not be given an OFA number, but it will help me determine the best course of action for that pup.

The link for the information on the OFA website:

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