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Border Collie Puppies

Currently there several puppies available. See the Current Litters Page for details. 

Additional Litters are planned. Please visit the Upcoming Border Collie Litters Page for details. 

If you are interested please fill out the contact form below.


All my Border Collie puppies are currently priced at $2500.00 Any puppy over 6 months of age is half price at $1250.00

If you would like to get on the puppy list or purchase one of the available puppies please fill out the puppy questionnaire and email it to 


A non-refundable holding fee of $300.00 is required to get on the list or move forward with purchasing an available puppy. Payment of the fee can be made via Zelle

Zelle ID is 847-710-5734

OR via VenMo

VenMo ID is @rebecca-ingersoll-1

last 4 of phone is 5734.

The holding fee is applied to the purchase price and can be transferred to a different litter or puppy. 


Twisted Acres Ranch Puppy Questionnaire

Success! Message received.

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