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Current Mudi Litters 


In Mudi I am currently having a "Black Friday Sale" on the following puppies. This is due to the current craze on Merle and no one wants the black-especially the males. Since I do not breed for color, I have very few merle puppies and that is all anyone is currently looking for in a Mudi. I have several nice black Mudi that have gotten absolutely no interest. There is nothing wrong with any of these puppies other than the fact that they had the misfortune to be anything other than merle. If they had been merle I can guarantee they would all have a home already. I am going to be as honest as I can about each one. Due to my current situation with my parents I don't have the time these puppies need and they all deserve a home. I would love to see them in their new homes for the Holidays. As a result if you are willing to consider a Mudi that is anything other than Merle-you could be hitting the jackpot with the following. 


Phantom. DOB 12/27/22 Black Male with a NBT. Phantom had a home all lined up who was supposed to come and meet him. After rescheduling a couple of times the home stopped responding and he was made available again. Otherwise poor Phantom has not had any interest. Phantom has a very unique pedigree-parents are Kiralytelki Dolli (an import from Hungary) and Doriental Karcsi (a Hungarian Male). As a puppy Phantom was very outgoing and confident. He is a very soft temperament, gentle natured non assertive puppy. He does not challenge any other dog. He is currently kenneled with two other intact male adult dogs and gets along with them both. He is crate trained. Will need work on socialization, leash walking and more than likely housebreaking. Phantom is $1000.00 and I am giving up to a $500.00 refund  towards transportation.. 


Bash and Fete DOB 3/15/23 Black Males with tails. These two boys are Bori (Hungarian Import) and Merlin puppies. They are both happy, sweet, gentle, playful and vocal pups. Nice proportions with a moderate coat. Not pushy with other dogs and get along with both males and females. Both crate trained and keep their crate clean and are quiet in their crate. As of right now they both need work on socialization, leash walking and more than likely housebreaking. However this was a very clean litter so should be easy. Fete will be started in conformation this month. If he does well he may end up staying or I may consider placing him in a co-own home. They are $1250.00 and I am giving up to a $500.00 refund towards transportation. 


Stanza DOB 5/24/23 Black Male with a tail. Envy (Hungarian Import) x Zambo. This is a gorgeous puppy. Lovely smaller size with substance. Beautiful coat-dark and shiny with lovely texture. He is a cheeky little boy and happy and playful. Gets along with all other dogs. He would do very well in the show ring and I would show him but I opted to keep his brother instead. He is crate trained-keeps it clean and dry and is quiet in his crate. He will need work on socialization, leash walking and possibly housebreaking. He is $1250.00 and I am giving up to a $500.00 refund on transportation. 


Boyz Will Be Boyz Litter DOB 8/2/23 There are still 3 puppies available from this litter. Two yellow boys with a NBT (one looks to be white) and a black male with a NBT. Dolli (Hungarian Import) x Ryder. The yellow/white boys could be merle. These boys are tough, feisty and vocal. These are very confident pups who are outgoing and friendly to people. However with other puppies they can be a bully. Part of this is due to "littermate syndrome" as they are still all together. Since they are almost kind of a "feral" breed they can tend to be resource guarders and it can be over the stupidest of things. These boys are $1500.00 and I am giving up to a $500.00 refund on transportation. 


Ebony and Ivory Litter DOB 8/2/23  Morgana x Bo (Hungarian Import) There are 4 puppies still available from this litter. 3 yellow/white females and 1 black male. All have a tail. The black male was placed in a home at 8 weeks of age and was brought back in two weeks. No fault of his own, just not a good match. This boy is wicked smart and an escape artist. He will keep you on your toes! He is a lovely example of the breed and would do well in the show ring. The three girls are friendly, outgoing and playful. Wonder is the biggest of the three and is more assertive. McCartney has an umbilical hernia that can easily be repaired at the time she is spayed and is not an issue until then. However I will tkae $500.00 off her price for the hernia. Any of these pups are beautiful examples of the breed and would do well in a show ring. They are still young but starting to have issues with littermate syndrome too. They would greatly benefit from some one on one with their new person and will thrive. These pups are $2000.00 and I will give up to a $500.00 refund towards transportation. 


Third Times the Charm Litter  DOB 8/6/23 Bukta (Hungarian Import) x Merlin Black Male NBT Lucky is adorable and oh so sweet. He is a little guy and will steal your heart. He is not a pushy assertive puppy at all and would do well in any home. He is more laid back. I am debating just keeping him and taking him in the show ring. There is just something about him that I like. However for now he is available and I may consider a co-own home for him. He is $2000.00 with a up to $500.00 refund towards transportation. 


Caverns Litter DOB 10/2/23 Karchner and Meramec Brown Females with a tail. Nugget x Howie (Hungarian Import)  These are two beautiful girls but solid brown and not a merle so no one on the waitlist has expressed an interest. So they are available now. If they do not get placed I will be keeping them as they are too nice to discount them. These girls are happy, playful, confident, outgoing. They have a lovely coat, dark pigment and dark eyes. I may consider a co-own show home or a guardian home for them if the situation is right. They are $3000.00 each. 


I have the following adults that were returned for various reasons:


Gemma-black female with a tail -spayed. Her owners' living arrangements changed and she had to return Gemma who came back to the ranch in June. Gemma is a very sweet, very soft dog. When she was returned she showed signs of neglect. She was very underweight and according to the owner had allergy issues. She does spin and bark. Is crate trained but does not like the crate. She is quiet and keeps it clean, but gets excited and barks when it is time to come out. She is not confident at all and is easily shut down. She would make a wonderful companion for an older female. She does get along with all the other dogs with no problems. She has put the weight back on and never had any signs of allergies here. She will need work on socialization and confidence building. She does walk on a leash and is housebroken, but with a change could regress. Her rehoming fee is $500.00 


Em-Black female NBT-intact. Em was returned in June due to it not being a good fit with the breed. Unfortunately Em was not properly socialized and so to her the outside world can be a scary place. For the most part here on the ranch she is a very easy keeper pup. She is playful and has lots of other doggy friends here. She is crate trained and happily goes in her crate and keeps it clean and dry and quiet in her crate. She is a softer Mudi with people so can easily be shut down. However she is very food motivated which will make it easier to work with her. She will need work on her socialization, and probably her housebreaking. She is leash trained but does pull. Her rehoming fee is $500.00 


Coco-Black Female with a tail-intact. Coco was sold as a show prospect. However she came up with a luxating patella (only one, so more than likely due to an injury), so was bought back in June. She was also overweight when she came back which was not good for her with a Luxating patella. She has slimmed down and was hoped that surgery could be avoided, but every so often she does still have a slight hop. It is not painful, just unstable. She is AKC pointed as she was shown and doing well until she started hopping. She is a very easy keeper pup, but full of attitude. She is quiet and no trouble really. Gets along with all the others. Crate trained, but will turn her back on you and refuse to go in-you have to pick her up and put her in. She is quiet in her crate and keeps it clean. She is not a barker, but a quiet Mudi! She LOVED her daddy in her previous home so would be great for a male owner. She will need surgery eventually to fix her patella-otherwise she is no work at all. Her rehoming fee is $500.00 


Jersey-Black Merle Female NBT-intact.  Jersey had a lot of interest when I first got her back in June, but no one ever followed through for her. She is a very easy keeper pup. Gets along with everyone. Crate trained and keeps it clean and dry. She is on the larger size for the standard, but has beautiful movement. In my opinion she is pet quality but you could play around with her in the showring. I think she is more suited to be an active companion. She needs work on her socialization as she never left home in her previous home. She will need work on her leash walking and probably housebreaking. Her rehoming fee is $1250.00


Huckle-Black male with a tail-intact. Huckle was sold as a show prospect. He scored very high on his structure evaluation. He is a great size, has a beautiful coat and is friendly and outgoing. He is a happy Mudi. He was shown by his owner, but she was not able to get any points on him. I have shown Huckle in a few shows since he was returned and got him his first major. I had considered keeping him for my program, but have decided to place him. He will be an easy first Mudi for anyone considering doing conformation, He does carry brown and can be barky. He is ready to go! His rehoming fee is $1250.00. 


River-Black male with a tail-neutered. River was returned in June and has a very sad story. His previous owners loved him very much and in their own way tried to do all they could for him. This was truly a case of not understanding the breed and following the wrong advice. River was on anxiety meds when he was returned and has been completely weaned off of them. He was reportedly extremely dog aggressive, but I do not see that at all. What I see is an out of control dog who was not taught any impulse control. River does know several tricks and basic commands. He is very food motivated so will be extremely easy to train. He is gorgeous! Sweet with people. He wants and craves interaction-both with people and other dogs. He needs that someone who has the expertise and wants to work with him. This boy has a lot of untapped potential and in the right hands will soar. Currently he is very very barky. He does know and respect a bark collar, but long term I would recommend him having voice reduction surgery for your sanity as he has that high pitched mudi bark. He is muzzle trained. His rehoming fee is $250.00


In December I will be traveling to Orlando FL For the AKC Nationals. I can easily bring any of the above puppies with me to meet there or any point along my route. 


I do have future litters planned.


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