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Current Mudi Litters 


In Mudi I am currently having a "Price Rollback" on the following puppies. This is due to the current craze on Merle and no one wants the black-especially the males. Since I do not breed for color, I have very few merle puppies and that is all anyone is currently looking for in a Mudi. I have several nice black Mudi that have gotten absolutely no interest. There is nothing wrong with any of these puppies other than the fact that they had the misfortune to be anything other than merle. If they had been merle I can guarantee they would all have a home already. I am going to be as honest as I can about each one. Due to my current situation with my parents I don't have the time these puppies need and they all deserve a home. I would love to see them in their new homes. As a result if you are willing to consider a Mudi that is anything other than Merle-you could be hitting the jackpot with the following. 


Bash and Fete DOB 3/15/23 Black Males with tails. These two boys are Bori (Hungarian Import) and Merlin puppies. They are both happy, sweet, gentle, playful and vocal pups. Nice proportions with a moderate coat. Not pushy with other dogs and get along with both males and females. Both crate trained and keep their crate clean and are quiet in their crate. As of right now they both need work on socialization, leash walking and more than likely housebreaking. However this was a very clean litter so should be easy. They are $750.00 each

Boyz Will Be Boyz Litter DOB 8/2/23 There are still 2 puppies available from this litter. One yellow boy with a NBT and a black male with a NBT. Dolli (Hungarian Import) x Ryder. These are very confident pups who are outgoing and friendly to people. Fiu has been tested on sheep and has amazing instinct. He is bold and confident and a busy boy. He is a barker when he is running the fence, but otherwise quiet. Junge is a very easy puppy. He knows the routine and does not cause trouble. These boys are $750.00 each. 

I have the following adults that were returned for various reasons:


Coco-Black Female with a tail-intact. Coco was sold as a show prospect. However she came up with a luxating patella (only one, so more than likely due to an injury), so was bought back from the owner and returned in June 2023. She was also overweight when she came back which was not good for her with a Luxating patella. She has slimmed down and was hoped that surgery could be avoided, but every so often she does still have a slight hop. It is not painful, just unstable. She is AKC pointed as she was shown and doing well until she started hopping. She is a very easy keeper pup, but full of attitude. She is quiet and no trouble really. Gets along with all the others. Crate trained, but will turn her back on you and refuse to go in-you have to pick her up and put her in. She is quiet in her crate and keeps it clean. She is not a barker, but a quiet Mudi! She LOVED her daddy in her previous home so would be great for a male owner. She will possibly need surgery eventually to fix her patella-otherwise she is no work at all. Her rehoming fee is $500.00 


Huckle-Black male with a tail-intact. Huckle was sold as a show prospect. He scored very high on his structure evaluation. He is a great size, has a beautiful coat and is friendly and outgoing. He is a happy Mudi. He was shown by his owner, but she was not able to get any points on him. I have shown Huckle in a few shows since he was returned and got him his first major. I had considered keeping him for my program, but have decided to place him. He will be an easy first Mudi for anyone considering doing conformation, He does carry brown and can be barky. He is ready to go! His rehoming fee is $1250.00. 

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Legacy milk bar.jpg

Legends Litter
DOB 1/27/24
CH Twisted Acres Pass The Torch
CH Nyirsegfia Rumli
5 Males
2 Black
3 Black Merle
All Short Tail
8 weeks 3/23/24

puppies 039.JPG

Don't Eat The Yellow Snow Litter 
DOB 1/2/24
Kiralytelki Joli
GCHG CH Twisted Acres Ride My SeeSaw CM8
2 Females
1 Black NBT
1 Yellow
3 Males
2 Yellow NBT
1 Yellow
8 weeks old 2/27/24

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